Online Therapy Services

My areas of expertise:

Grief and Loss
Prolonged Grief Disorder
Trauma/ PTSD

Low Self-Esteem
Stress Management
Chronic Pain/Illness

Online Therapy for Adults:
I offer individual counseling for adults residing in Florida and Colorado. (in-person counseling is not offered at this time). Online therapy is effective, convenient, and can provide more flexibility in your schedule. All services are privacy secured and HIPAA compliant.

Online Support Group:
Mindfulness Practice for Mental Health- email me to register. Topics include a variety of mental health concerns such as fear, anxiety, pain, relationships, shame, compassion, grief and so on. Exploring how incorporating mindfulness and wisdom can help us understand ourselves better and find peace. Thursdays 6-7pm EST

Emotional Support Animal Letters:
As a mental health practitioner and lover of animals, I understand the need for support from our furry companions. I can offer ESA letters to those interested- this can be a one-time letter or in conjunction with therapy services. For a one-time letter the cost for the evaluation is $125. For current clients, or those interested in therapy, a letter can be completed after 3 sessions for $62.50.
Schedule your 30 minute ESA letter evaluation.